Me & You | Director’s Statement

Me & You

Director’s Statement

When I first read the script for Me & You, I was not only struck by the originality of Anna’s voice and style, but how she used humour to shine a light on such poignant and important issues that often go undiscussed in society today. Having witnessed the struggle of loved ones suffering from both mental illness and eating disorders, and through my own life-long battles with anxiety and depression, I firmly believe that it is crucial to tell Amelia’s story, and that now is the time to do it.

I want to create a short that captures the intensity of the experience of those who suffer from such mental health issues. For instance, I want to visually show Amelia’s anxieties through creating overwhelming, almost chaotic scenes that emphasise Amelia’s perspective and internal struggle during the Head Voice monologues . The difference between what is seen by others and perceived by the individual is something that fascinates me, and something that I want to reflect visually and audibly on screen.

In terms of career aspirations, we hope that this could be used as a proof of concept (both narratively and stylistically), to develop a series around Amelia’s story. Whilst I have had success as an assistant editor & editor in the industry, I hope that this will allow me to tell more of the stories that I’m passionate about telling (particularly those that currently go underrepresented on screen), and hope that I will be able to work with members of the incredible team behind Me & You to do so.