Me & You | Visual Style

Me & You

Colour Pallet Timeline

The below image illustrates how the colour palette develops to emphasise Amelia’a perspective on the world

The Visuals of the Real World

The colour palette that we are aiming for in the real world of the story is quite vibrant and saturated. The initial lighter in mood part of the story uses vibrant reds and yellows, which slowly progress into the vibrant value of the night in order to at the end desaturate to completely showing the reality and bleakness of the mental health struggle. The camera language uses a lot of wide lens close-ups portraying the world and people around Amelia through the point of view of her anxiety.

The points that use the technique are very clearly defined and used only as an aid to the storytelling rather than an unnecessary trick. By the end of the story, the camera is a lot more grounded which allows us to focus on the honesty of the monologues

The Visuals of the Imagination World

The imagination world in the film is portrayed in Pastel colours influenced by the real world around Amelia. We are aiming to create a surreal and twisted world that is impacted by anxiety and utopia.

Camera movement is very artificially fluid with steady push in and tracking. This will counterbalance the erratic reality that she faces in other parts of the film.