The Rise (titled Wasteland in North America) is a 2012 British crime film starring Luke Treadaway and Timothy Spall with a revenge theme.

The film opens with DI West (Spall) interviewing Harvey Miller (Treadaway), a would-be gangster who fell in with the wrong crowd. In flashback we are shown how Harvey, 6 weeks earlier, had been released from prison; he had been led astray and now wished to gain revenge on Roper, the man who caused many of his problems. Harvey’s relationships with his “friends” and acquaintances are then severely tested as he reveals, in the interview, details of his recent life to West. West reminds Miller of a football match during which a player of a similar description to Miller’s, was “let down by his team”. At that point West has to leave the room but does so without stopping the tape recording of the interview (which is now inadmissible as evidence); when he returns he finds that Miller has recorded on the tape, details of a robbery during which he took his revenge on Roper.